Quadriga: Global Security: Cooperation or Confrontation? | Quadriga

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Europe today is considered a safe place in the world. The EU is committed to human dignity, freedom and the rule of law. But in many other places in the world things are different.

Old enemies become new allies and emerging countries demand more of a say: Whether at the UN, NATO or within the European Union. Coalitions of the willing are necessary because few foreign policy goals can be achieved unilaterally. Globalization means major new opportunities but also new risks and fewer certainties.

Old threats remain - war, weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters, food shortages – but new ones, including terrorism and organized crime, have emerged.

Our guests:

Markus Kaim - German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin

Alexander Rahr - Member of the steering committee of the Petersburg Dialogue, a program to promote understanding between German and Russian civil society.

Alison Smale - New York Times bureau chief in Berlin.

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