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    Pizza Hut Manager Arrested After Spitting in Cop's Food

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    A Tennessee Deputy recently witnessed a woman spit in his pizza.

    A Tennessee Deputy recently got a shock after witnessing a woman spit in his pizza. The cop, Frank Rogers was off-duty when he visited a local Pizza Hut restaurant.

    Rogers was familiar with the manager there, 29-year-old Amanda Engle, as he had arrested her last year for a DUI after she permitted an intoxicated friend to operate her vehicle.

    The deputy arrived at the restaurant a little early. He sat on a bench while waiting for his pizza to be pulled from the oven. Keeping a close eye on what was going on, he observed Engle quote, unquote cut her eyes in his direction.

    She then began slicing the pie and spat right on top of it. Sheriff Mike Hensely had this to say to WJHL:

    Just a week prior to the alleged Pizza Hut incident, Engle had pleaded guilty in court to the DUI charge.

    Cops suspected that case was “fresh on her mind” when she spat in Rogers food; an act which they described as payback. Engle was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.