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    Chicago’s New Salad Vending Machine

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Now, standing between a McDonalds and a Dunkin’ Donuts at one Chicago food court is a vending machine that offers fresh veggies and yogurt parfaits.

    Customers of one Chicago food court can no longer blame their burger and fries lunch selection on a lack of healthier options.

    Now, standing between a McDonalds and a Dunkin’ Donuts is a vending machine that offers veggies and yogurt parfaits.

    It’s called Farmer’s Fridge and was put there by its creator Luke Saunders.

    The idea came to him while he was working his previous, travel-heavy job.

    He noticed that fast food restaurants dominated rural markets.

    Saunders distilled his observation down to two key factors – startup-cost and convenience.

    He began to wonder how an individual with limited funds and a desire to offer fresh, healthy foods could break into the business.

    Before long Saunders realized the answer was vending machines.

    Reportedly, the R&D phase was arduous, with perfecting refrigeration, freshness, and selection all proving to be harder to achieve than they look.

    Finally, he’s gotten the system down. Electricity runs him only 10 dollars a month. Foods are changed out daily.

    Finding a varied selection of locally sourced fresh produce during a Chicago winter is still proving to be a bit of a challenge, but Saunders is committed to offering a healthy option to hungry diners.