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    Baby Thrown From Car After Train Hits the Vehicle

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    A 5-month-old child survived being tossed from a vehicle after it was struck by a train. The baby's father reportedly drove around the arm bar prior to the accident.

    Most drivers wouldn't take any chances with an oncoming train. However one father in Orlando did just that, resulting in his infant son being tossed out of the vehicle.

    Unbelievably, the 5-month-old child survived and only encountered minor injuries. The traumatic experience unfolded after the 41-year-old dad, Herode Lubin drove towards the railroad tracks.

    As he approached it, the arm bar descended, alerting motorists that a train was coming, however, Lubin avoided stopping for unknown reasons.

    He drove right around the arm bar. The Amtrak train collided with the rear of Lubin’s vehicle, sending the baby, who reportedly was not in his car seat, flying through the air before striking the ground.

    Even more miraculous is the fact that the train had been traveling at almost 80 miles per hour. Fortunately the child landed in an area of soft dirt which greatly reduced his injuries and potentially saved his life.

    The mother was in the vehicle at the time of the accident and also suffered minor injuries. The uninjured father has been ticketed for ‘driving around a crossing bar and a violating child restraint laws’.