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    Necktie Miracle by Johnny Wong Demo 2 at World of Magic

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A beautiful necktie that looks like there are no gimmicks on it. It can be used for hundreds of amazing magic tricks and effects, such as:

    - Coin through the palm
    - Rapid coin vanishing or appearing
    - silver coin changing into copper coin
    - small coin changing into big coin
    - Bending a coin
    - The list just goes on and on!

    This amazing device takes all the hard work out of vanishing and appearing a coin. If you use a topit for your coin magic, but would like to work without a jacket, then you will LOVE 'The Necktie Coin'!

    This special set includes the tie, a prepared US half dollar coin and full instructions for several routines.

    BONUS DVD INCLUDED - Showing the creator Johnny Wong performing loads of effects with 'The Necktie Coin. ( Johnny does not speak English, but the routines are SO VISUAL that you will go wild over some of effect you can perform with this device.)

    The clever gimmick that does all the work for you comes ready for use with the tie included. However it's very easy to adapt the gimmick so you can use your own tie!. With a little adjustment you can also use a UK 2p coin instead of the half dollar!