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RicePirate's got a brief history lesson on the history of Final Fantasy! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

Written by Jared Rosen:

Voiced by RicePirate:

Animated by Jeremey:


In 1987, failing electrical engineer Hironobu Sakaguchi gambled his career on one final fantasy of being a professional game developer before returning to university. His creation, literally named Final Fantasy, was so successful that the company devoted most of its resources to producing sequels. Though the original Final Fantasy would find massive success in the United States in 1990, the long development times and delays revolving around Final Fantasy II and the release of the SNES halted localization in exchange for the newly released Final Fantasy IV, which was named Final Fantasy II for the global market, confusing everyone everywhere.

The series lagged until the release of Final Fantasy VI in 1994, which launched as one of the most successful entries and kicked off a string of bestselling games including Final Fantasies VII, VIII, IX, Crystal Chronicles and X. Emboldened by their success, publisher Squaresoft put Sakaguchi in charge of directing their first feature film, investing four years and $137 million into what they hoped would be the first in a long line of Final Fantasy films.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within released in summer 2001, and was one of the biggest box office disasters in the history of filmmaking, singlehandedly bankrupting Square’s film division. Only the sales of FFX and Kingdom Hearts saved the company, and the series later expanded to the MMO and mobile games markets. Having suffered a number of critical setbacks in the last few years, Final Fantasy XV is poised to take back the JRPG crown and return the illustrious series to its former glory. Or, you know, not.


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