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    Ivory Coast: Alassane Ouattara’s justice


    by PressTV

    When Alassane Ouattara became President of the Ivory Coast he promised an investigation into the massacres that took place.

    He set up a special investigative cell inside the Ministry of Justice to identify individuals responsible for crimes and to build cases against them for trial.

    After much debate and international pressure that unit has just had its mandate renewed.

    But many Ivorians are not reassured. Because, since the end of the crisis, justice has been largely one-sided with charges against more than 150 civilian and military leaders from Gbagbo's armed forces.

    But crimes committed by President Ouattara's supporters have been overlooked even though the national commission of inquiry reported that his forces summarily executed at least 545 people during the crisis.

    Meanwhile, President's Ouattara's Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was set up in July 2011 with a mandate to lead Ivoireans through a process of reconciliation has been criticized as ineffective.