Mitt Romney Lying Again About Mormonism

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Samuel the Utahnite
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Look, Mitt might lie about a lot, but he's got it right this time. Mormons do believe that Christ will return to his chosen people (the Jews) at Jerusalem in Israel. However the "New Jerusalem" is where the Lord will live for his 1000 year reign. Believe me, I looked into it
By dm_5088aec878cd2 2 years ago
Good example of how to take things out of context and shape people's opinions.Sad that the news media have become a means of misinforming people rather than informing people.
By Bping12345 8 years ago
He lied about Christ returning to Jerusalem in Israel . Doesn't he know , is he that stupid .... MILK before MEAT !! or LIES before More Lies !! lol
By ElderJoseph 8 years ago