Man Attacked by Shark Stitches Self Up, Stops for a Beer

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James Grant, a doctor living in New Zealand, fought off a shark, stitched himself up, and then stopped at a pub on his way to the hospital.

James Grant, a New Zealand doctor, was doing some undersea fishing when he felt a tug on his leg.

He thought a friend was playing a trick on him, but when he turned he realized it was no pal at all.

A shark had taken hold and Grant immediately switched into survival mode.

Luckily he had his fishing knife at the ready and started stabbing at his attacker.

The shark let go and Grant swam to a grouping of rocks on the banks of the water.

He tried to get his friends’ attention, but they thought he was kidding so they ignored him.

Left on his own, he grabbed a canine first aid kit out of his car. He kept it there in the event one of his dogs was harmed while they were out pig hunting.

Dr. Grant stitched himself up and got to the hospital, but not before he and his friends stopped off at a local bar for a drink.

There, the bartender served him up a brew and a bandage, as he was dripping blood all over the floor.