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    Finale Spoilers For ‘American Horror Story: Coven'


    by IBTimes


    Wednesday will mark the end of an era, as we get ready to hang up our witches hat, we can speculate just how American Horror Story’s: Coven’ will end. A new Supreme must rise, and now that Fiona is dead, the only way to discover the new leader is through a very dangerous test known as the 7 wonders.

    The new Supreme must be able to demonstrate each 7 powers, or die trying. Each witch has voiced their own desire to be the next leader of the Coven, and this could get messy. Expect to see drama unfold as the love triangle between Madison, Zoe and Kyle gets intense.

    TV reporter  Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss just how the finale may play out, and which power she would have, if she could only pick one of the 7 wonders.