Society Night Club Orchestra - It's A Happy Old World After All

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This appears to be pseudonym of Bob Haring, who was an American popular music bandleader of the 1920s and 1930s. Haring recorded 78rpm records under a plethora of orchestra names, such as The Caroliners, The Lincoln Dance Orchestra, The Society Night Club Orchestra, King Solomon and His Miners, and The Colonial Club Orchestra, in addition to his own Bob Haring & His Velvetone Orchestra. Vocal by Larry Murphy.

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Thank you Ginny! This is a genuinely mid-20s sparkling arrangement :-) I'm delighted you loved it!
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Most welcome Jack! Impossible not to be happy hearing this isn't :-)
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) l'année dernière
I enjoyed this bright record!
I can't remember exactly what I said on my previous comments but this was excellent!
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) l'année dernière
My comments are gone on this one too....
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) l'année dernière
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