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    London Opens World’s Largest Solar-Powered Bridge

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    London’s newly solar powered bridge may not be the first of its kind, but it is the biggest.

    London’s new solar powered bridge may not be the first of its kind, but it is reportedly the biggest.

    For some time, planners and laborers have been working to cover the Victorian-era Blackfriars Bridge, which spans across the Thames, with an energy-producing roof.

    The ribbon was cut on January 22nd, bringing 5 years of efforts to a celebratory conclusion.

    During its construction, about 4400 solar panels were installed, making the structure capable of providing half of the power needed to run Blackfriars station whose platforms run along the bridge.

    The future savings in carbon emissions are estimated to be over 500 tons per year.

    Mother Nature isn’t the only one benefitting from the addition of solar power.

    Said the managing director of First Capital Connect, the company that runs Blackfriars, "The distinctive roof has also turned our station into an iconic landmark visible for miles along the River Thames."

    That’s a big plus for London, which has long been trying to propel their sustainability efforts as well as boost their image as an environmentally conscious city.

    The project was part of a larger multi-billion dollar plan to better the Thameslink route.