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    3 Foods Not to Give to Children

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    by Geo Beats

    Green-living author Jenn Savedge has discovered that potential health hazards to children lurk in some not so obvious foods.

    Parents no doubt already know that it isn’t wise to give children bottomless supplies of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or gummy worms.
    Well, green-living author Jenn Savedge, has discovered that potential health hazards also lurk in some not so obvious foods.
    Here are 3 of them.

    Number 3. Microwave popcorn. PFOA, the chemical that keeps microwave popcorn bags from catching fire, has been linked to thyroid disease, the late onset of puberty, childhood high cholesterol, and cancer. It’s recommended you go old school, get a popper, and make your own.

    Number 2. Canned Tomatoes. Soft plastics and cans have both been found to have the chemical additive BPA, which is associated with all sorts of insidious health conditions including obesity among kids and asthma. Due to the high acidity of tomatoes, more of it than usual ends up being transferred from the can to the food.

    Number 1. Kid’s Yogurt. Yogurt is a great, healthy food packed with all sorts of ingredients that bodies love and appreciate. The kid’s versions, however, are packed with sugar and artificial color, diminishing the benefits. Consider adding fruit and nuts to the original kind for a sweet treat.