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    10 Amazing Facts About Water

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    Check out 10 facts about water according to National Geographic.

    Ok, so water is kind of important. Here are 10 facts you may not know about it according to National Geographic.

    Number 10 – The next time it rains, remember you share a link with dinosaurs, as it’s the same fresh liquid they drank.

    Number 9 – Since the late 1990s, 430 American dams have been removed to allow rivers to return to their natural state.

    Number 8 – Water births are not just for fish and humans. Red Eye Tree Frogs purposely lay their eggs on the back sides of leaves, knowing they will later fall into the water, which is where the smart moms want them to hatch.

    Number 7 – Hot water weighs less than cold water. That is because the fluid is denser at colder temperatures.

    Number 6 – Frozen water weighs less than the normal liquid water, which is why it can float.

    Number 5 - Despite the showers, drinking, cooking, laundry and all the other things that use the Earth’s water supply, there is the same amount of water on our planet now as there was when it formed.

    Number 4 – Water helps our bodies maintain a normal body temperature.

    Number 3 – Looking to conserve water? Here’s a unique way, stop buying so many pair of jeans. It takes roughly 2,900 gallons of water to produce a single pair of the iconic fashion item.

    Number 2 – Another tip, take a shower. A 5 minute shower uses about 75 percent less water than a bath.

    Number 1 – We’ve all heard the Earth is comprised mostly of water. But, did you know that only a mere 3 percent of it is fresh water?