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    18-Month-Old Fatally Struck by Grandfather's Van

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    In a heartbreaking report, an 18-month-old baby was recently killed. The child was hit by her grandfather’s van in Los Angeles.

    In a heartbreaking report, an 18-month-old baby was recently killed in Los Angeles after being hit by her grandfather's van.

    The traumatic incident unfolded on January 25th at a little before 2 in the afternoon.

    According to reports, the grandfather had been backing up his vehicle in the driveway when he struck her. The little girl suffered from severe injuries.

    Rescue authorities were swiftly contacted to assist. L.A. Fire Department Paramedics were dispatched to the home and transported the girl to the local hospital.

    Sadly, there wasn’t much that could be done to save her. She died from her injuries a short time after her arrival.

    Currently the incident is being handled as an accident, however an investigation has been launched to determine the full circumstances of the case.

    Anyone with additional information is asked to contact local detectives. Since the story went public, many parents have commented on the potentially life saving benefits of having a rear camera installed on vehicles.