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    Woman Flushed Lottery Winnings Down Toilet

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    Angela Maier is one lucky woman who won nearly $555,000 from the German national lottery. However shortly after the windfall, the 63-year-old lady flushed her winnings down the toilet.

    If your lifetime dream of winning the lottery came true, what’s the first thing you would do? Celebrate ofcourse.

    Take Angela Maier for example. After winning nearly $555,000 from the German national lottery, the 63-year-old woman opened up a few bottles of champagne, got a little fuzzy and then did the unthinkable.

    According to reports, the woman received a bill several days after taking home the money. It was from the care facility where her husband passed away and demanded fees for his medical expenses.

    It’s speculated that managers at the establishment were alerted of the woman’s big win, which prompted them sending the bill.

    The woman opened the letter after she was few bottles into her celebration. She became angry at the timing of the bill’s arrival and flushed the money down the toilet so one else would be able to have it, especially her deceased husband’s caregivers.

    A legal case soon followed, requiring payment for the bill.

    Maier agreed to settle and offered to pay nearly $5,500.