My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 76, "Three's A Crowd"

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Princess Cadance visits Ponyville to spend the day with Twilight, who anticipates quiet bonding time with her sister-in-law. To her dismay, they are approached by Discord, who appears to have come down with the "blue flu" and begs the two to care for him while Fluttershy is away to observe the Breezies, as only they can withstand his disease behind a magic bubble. His list of increasingly outlandish demands grate on Twilight's nerves until he finally asks them to make a cure from a flower that grows on a hill at the edge of Equestria. The princesses recover the plant and fight off a giant Tatzlwurm guarding it, only to find upon returning that Discord faked his illness to test how far Twilight was willing to go for his wellbeing. Cadance injects, pointing out that she enjoyed their adventure as a change of pace from her boring royal duties. The Tatzlwurm then reappears and sneezes on Discord, causing him to fall sick for real and forcing Twilight and her friends to nurse him back to health under careful watch.


What could be better than a whole day to celebrate Starswirl the Bearded? How about a whole week to celebrate Vinyl Scratch?. ;)
By Arioch Starr February
mlp is absolutely FILLED with wilhelm screams
By ara1106 September
I used to dislike him as well, Lauren, but I've gotten used to him now. Personally, I like his voice. Anyway, on with the episode: Oh, is this the episode where they all turn into dragonfly-like creatures? lol Applejack's face @ 6:35 xD I also love Twilight's Starswirle the Bearded outfit. It's so cute, it's adorable. What a bag of crap that song was. But is it just me, or do ponies looks reeeeaally really cute when they stand on their hind legs? Oh, maybe it's not this episode where they all turn into dragonfly-like creatures. Must be a later episode (only read about it). But, meh, decent episode, not overly impressed, though.
By Arioch Starr August
Flash Sentry was THERE!!!!
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