My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 76, "Three's A Crowd"


by Jonny_Manz

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Arioch Starr
What could be better than a whole day to celebrate Starswirl the Bearded? How about a whole week to celebrate Vinyl Scratch?. ;)
By Arioch StarrLast year
mlp is absolutely FILLED with wilhelm screams
By ara1106Last year
Arioch Starr
I used to dislike him as well, Lauren, but I've gotten used to him now. Personally, I like his voice. Anyway, on with the episode: Oh, is this the episode where they all turn into dragonfly-like creatures? lol Applejack's face @ 6:35 xD I also love Twilight's Starswirle the Bearded outfit. It's so cute, it's adorable. What a bag of crap that song was. But is it just me, or do ponies looks reeeeaally really cute when they stand on their hind legs? Oh, maybe it's not this episode where they all turn into dragonfly-like creatures. Must be a later episode (only read about it). But, meh, decent episode, not overly impressed, though.
By Arioch StarrLast year
Flash Sentry was THERE!!!!
By PegasisterGamer331Last year
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