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    LORE -- Final Fantasy 6 Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    Egoraptor is here with your Final Fantasy 6 Lore!

    Written by Jared Rosen:

    Voiced by Arin Hanson:

    Animated by Zeurel:


    A thousand years ago, three ancient gods descended from the heavens to war with one another for control of the cosmos, turning sentient creatures into magical beings of immense power called Espers to fight on their behalf. After many years the three realized that war never changes, and so froze themselves in stone to be guarded by their creations in a peaceful dimension far from the reach of man. During a sweeping technological revolution hundreds of years later, a wounded woman named Madeline stumbles into the Land of Espers and is nursed back to health by elf-lion-claw-monster-thing Maduin, and the two fall in love and totally get busy, producing a magical daughter named Terra that represents the peaceful union of man and magic. Two years later the evil Gestahlian Empire, looking to expand their military dominance and defeat a rebel alliance known as The Returners, invades the Land of Espers in order to seize their power for themselves, and when Madeline is accused of causing the invasion she flees with her daughter and is killed by the emperor, who imprisons Maduin and turns Terra into a weapon under the control of insane clown Kefka Palazzo. Terra is eventually released from his control by a frozen rainbow bird lizard and saved by a career thief who inducts her into the rebel alliance, and after assembling a team of ex-Samurais, beast children, inventor kings, genderless mimes, ninjas and a yeti, must re-awaken her innate magical powers before facing down the empire and a newly ascended god-clown that embodies all remaining magic in the world.

    Have fun!


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    Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audio Micro


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