Loki Starfish - Broken Moth (Reportage extended version)

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Interview with Dominique Denis
Remix : Louise Roam

Dancers : Dominique, Françoise, Gisèle, Isabelle, Marie-Jo, Brigitte N, Stéphanie P, Stéphanie D, Nathalie R, Bibi, Brigitte S, Nathalie L, Marie-Hélène, Alain, Gilles, Pascal.
Players : Fremon André, Marcel Viella, Christophe Caron, Rémi Chamielec, Thibaud Nogues, Nonyla Laplagne.
Directed and edited by Edmond Carrère
Production: Bragi Pufferfish / Obatala / Edmond Carrère
Executive Production : Eric Dufour
Chorégraphy : Energy Dance Country Tarbes
Lights : Frédéric Lombart
Second camera : Stéphane Roland
Grip Man: Lionel Recio
1st Assistant : Benoit Millet
Shot at Planet Bowling 117 Tarbes
Thanks to Jean-Claude BAGES and Energie Dance Country and all those who participated to the making of this film.

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