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    Ukrainian government threatens state of emergency after protesters occupy Ministry of Justice

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Ukraine’s Justice Minister has threatened to call for a state of emergency after demonstrators occupied the Ministry’s building.

    A group of protesters stormed the Ukrainian Justice Ministry on Sunday evening, apparently facing no resistance from police.

    They immediately set up barricades outside the building.

    Ukrainian Justice Minister, Olena Lukash, said: “If the Justice ministry building is not freed, I will be forced to address my colleagues, members of the council of security and defence and ask them to discuss introducing the state of emergency in the country.”

    Leaders in the nearby Independence Square, known as Maidan, were said to be surprised by the Ministry being taken over. It was apparently carried out by a small minority on their own initiative.

    Over the weekend a conference hall called Ukranian House was also occupied.

    Although not a government building, protesters said it had been used by police snipers because of its location close to the protests and it is seen as a strategic place to have captured.

    If a state of emergency is passed by parliament, it could include a curfew and restrictions on the media and internet.