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    French police make 250 arrests after Paris 'day of anger'

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    French police say 250 people were arrested during clashes after an anti-Francois Hollande demonstration in Paris.

    Security forces used tear gas to disperse several hundred youths who lobbed bottles, fireworks and iron bars at police.

    Sunday’s so-called ‘day of anger’ attracted anti-abortion groups, fundamentalist Catholics, anti-same-sex marriage protesters, and supporters of the banned comedian Dieudonné.

    Demonstrators chanted “France is angry” calling on President Francois Hollande to resign.

    They’re angry over France’s struggling economy and high unemployment, its taxes, and laws making same-sex marriage legal and abortion easier.

    A Jewish students union, the UEJF, condemned “anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi salutes” by some protesters.