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    Man Throws WD-40 Mixture in Ex's Face

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    A man in Des Moines took his hostility towards his ex way too far.

    Meeting face to face with exes is typically not pleasant. However a man in Des Moines, Iowa took his hostility way too far.

    25-year-old Michael Lee Gatewood-Brown has been accused of tossing a dangerous mixture of WD-40, eggnog and hot sauce in his ex-girlfriends face. The two previously agreed to meet at a public miniature golf course to exchange belongings which were left in their separate residences following the break up.

    Gatewood-Brown handed the woman some of her things, then went back to his vehicle, where he retrieved a jug full of the gasoline scented liquid concoction. He then returned to the victim and threw the fluid in her face.

    She felt a burning sensation in her eyes and temporarily went blind. Being caught off guard, she ended up swallowing some of it, leaving her nauseated.

    Despite all that, she managed to run home and call police. Law enforcement issued a warrant for Gatewood-Brown and soon arrested him. He admitted to tossing the mixture in his ex’s face.

    The suspect reportedly also said he and a friend talked about the damage that WD-40 would cause.