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    Friday January 24, 2014 Live Viewer Questions - AMC Movie News

    Movie Talk

    by Movie Talk

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    G-Man Movie Reviews
    Honest question - don't you guys get tired of asking questions about and discussing Man of_ Steel / Justice League? There's so much more to movies.
    Question: Do you think American_ Hustle win at the Screen Actor Guild's award win gives them a boost in voting for best picture?
    Question: could the third hobbit film get oscar nods like return of the_ king did?
    Nick Parker
    Question: What do you think about the Boba Fett Rumors about a man with no name killing the Boba from the prequels and taking_ his name?
    Ben Neff
    Question- Of all the superheros who are not in a movie, what character do you want on_ the big screen
    Marcos Lopez
    QUESTION: why are we hearing so much buzz about Dr. Strange & almost_ nothing on Black Panther?

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