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    Ukraine unrest unfolding


    by PressTV

    Fierce clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, have left five people dead and hundreds more injured.

    The clashes broke out on Wednesday when Ukrainian police moved in to dismantle a protest camp in the center of the capital.

    The protesters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police, who responded with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

    The fresh round of violence broke out shortly after the government imposed a controversial ban which prohibits mass protests.

    The EU and United States, whose direct interference emboldened opposition protesters, have called on all parties to exercise restraint and find a democratic solution to the political crisis.

    Ukraine has been rocked by anti-government protests after President Yanukovych refrained from signing the Association Agreement with the EU at the third Eastern Partnership Summit in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, on November 29, 2013.