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    Kyiv clashes calm as another round of talks gets underway

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    In Kyiv, euronews correspondent Sergio Cantone reported that the intensity of the clashes between police and protesters has calmed for the moment, most probably because of the fresh round of talks between opposition leaders and the president. Cantone reported that more and more Ukrainians are coming to Kyiv to swell the ranks of the protesters.

    Euronews spoke to several anti-government demonstrators in Kyiv.

    “The government does everything possible to destroy freedom in this country. They want to make us slaves, we came out to protect ourselves,” said one protester.

    Another explained to euronews that it is the government who is guilty of what’s happening in the Ukrainian capital rather than the protesters.

    Another asked “We are afraid of a civil war, but what other way out do we have?”

    Euronews spoke with a man who packed up his life in Italy to join the protest: “Yes, I left everything, even my job and I came here to save and defend the country.”

    Ramon Luis Valcarcel the EU Committee of the Regions President, strongly condemned the escalation of violence. He voiced support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and human rights:

    “I think that this is the resistance of a people against an authoritarian government, which is more like the mafia than a government. That’s the sad truth, And that is a people which want to be part of Europe, which is willing to die in order to be in Europe,” said Valcarcel.

    Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has called for an emergency session of parliament on January 28, the first signs of a possible willingness to make concessions to the opposition.