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    Hungary dismisses Sochi Olympic terrorist threat

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The Hungarian Olympic Committee says it is unconcerned by a letter threatening an attack on its athletes during the winter Olympics.

    It was one of five Olympic organisations to receive the mail which it has analysed and declared ‘non-threatening’.

    Hungary’s Olympic Committee says it is relieved that its athletes can now concentrate on their preparations.

    Zsigmond Nagy, International relations director, Hungarian Olympic Committee said: “This (news) was calming for us because we have also received confirmation in writing too. Now we will continue our preparations the same way, and it is very important that the Hungarian Olympic team will take part in the Sochi Olympic Games.”

    Russian authorities have reportedly arrested a man suspected of sending the letters. Our correspondent in Budapest, Andrea Hajagos, says either way the news has not caused a blip in athletes’ training for the Sochi Games. Hungarian authorities have also promised to release more details of what happened.