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    Eminem - just lose it billie jean


    by johndoe1986

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    I admit eminem sings fantastic. I used to admire him But now I Don't. Its because of his video of just lose it billie jean. How would he like it if he was Falsely accused of something serious that he did Not do? And what if a lot of people made Fun of his Situation? I guarantee he Wouldn't like it so what gives him the Right to put a Fantastic person down that Didn't Do what eminem claimed Michael Jackson did? I suggest that instead of WASTING Precious muscles and TIME; that he could at the Very Least use them to look into and verify that what he was charged with was true or False!! BEFORE voicing FALSE accusations into thin air that a lot of People Didn't Believe.

    To Mr. eminem: I Hope and pray you came to your senses before the Dear and Precious Michael Jackson passed away and apologised to Him, your fans and His fans! If you didn't you may Feel remorse B4 you die and you wont Feel Good. Passing off your "video" as ok is NOT OK for a lot of Fans, including me. Thank you.
    By mjbj6 years ago
    tros bien !!!
    By algerien-du-578 years ago
    By Bozayed9 years ago