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The Attractor Factor...what is it??

11 years ago1K views

Six Key Points

1. You are totally responsible for your experiences in your life.
-It doesnt mean you caused them, but on some level you attracted them. You are responsible for them. Thats not Good or bad. Simply use the experiences to learn about yourself. Get clear, and choose what you prefer to experience.
2. You are absorbing beliefs from the culture itself.
-If you are watching movies about violence, or reading the papers, or watching the news, you are filling your mind with the very vibe that you will attract more of what you soaked up. Mother Theresa said she would NEVER attend an anti-war rally. Why? Because it contains the very energy that creates more war. Watch what you absorb. Choose what you attract. Be aware.
3. You are not the ruler of the earth, but you have more power than you ever realized.
-You can move mountains with the right thought and action. Keep a balance of ego and spirit in your life, always striving to let your ego obey spirit.
4. Change your thoughts
-This often feels impossible to believe because its not normal for the vast majority of people. But what you think is largely habit. Start noticing what goes through your head. If you don