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Nick Murphy from Continue? kicks off Christmas week with Snatcher Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

Written by Jared Rosen:

Voiced by Nicky Murphy from Continue?:

Animated by Zeurel:


In the 90's a deadly biological weapon called Lucifer-Alpha is released into the atmosphere, wiping out half the world's population. Some time later a Russian research group begins work on biorobotic replacement humans, hoping to repopulate Eastern Europe artificially rather than biologically. This fails and they all die horribly. The team's data is purchased off the black market by scientific holdings firm Jodorowsky, Inc., who conduct brutal experiments on local villagers to create a line of sentient bioroids they can ship internationally.

Years later, Agent Jean-Jack Gibson of Rug Hunt discovers the bioroids are systematically invading Neo Kobe by killing people, stealing their memories, and taking their place, leading to an all-out confrontation with specially designed Snatcher units that have replaced most of his friends and his missing wife, Alice. Alice Gibson manipulates her former husband into activating an airplane bomb that triggers a large-scale Snatcher invasion throughout Neo Kobe, forcing Rug Hunt to rebrand themselves as the anti-Snatcher taskforce JUNKER.

Amnesiac rookie agent Gillian Seed and his navigation robot Metal Gear Mk. II are contacted by Jean-Jack right before he's killed by a pair of Snatchers, and tracks them to the Outer Heaven nightclub where it turns out that the entire city is filled with murder robots, Gillian and his wife are cryogenically frozen scientists from the Cold War, Metal Gear is actually a Metal Gear, and the bioroids want to either take over the world or cause a nuclear winter because the sun hurts their skin.

Have fun!


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