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JWittz is here with your Pokemon Franchise Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

Written by Jared Rosen:

Voiced by JWittz:

Animated by Zeurel:


Satoshi Tajiri was born on August 28th, 1965, in a small suburb of Tokyo. Known for catching bugs in the ponds behind his house, he eventually transitioned into playing arcade games when the city paved over all his favorite hunting spots to make way for apartment buildings. He later founded Game Freak and began creating titles for Nintendo and Sega, but still wanted to develop a way to trade small creatures across a game boy link cable.
Fast forward to 1996. Pokemon Red and Green launch in Japan to modest sales until players figure out that Mew is inside the game. A promotional magazine giveaway for 20 Mews receives 78,000 applications, and sales skyrocket so much that a third version, Blue, is created with enhanced features. This leads to a card game, a manga series, toys, anime, and a real life Pokemon store in downtown Tokyo. But most importantly, it meant the series was coming overseas.
Pokemon released internationally two years later. Instead of flooding the market with all the Pokemon merchandise at once, Game Freak piecemealed it out over a period of two years in order to preserve the hype, using trends in consumer psychology to hook kids on the games. It worked, and Pokemon rapidly became one of the most popular franchises of the decade. By 2009 Game Freak and Nintendo had sold over 190 million games, with 24 billion dollars worth of games and merch in their pocket. Pokemon has now become cross-generational in real life, with adults introducing it to their children to spread it even further, clinching Game Freak's ultimate marketing goal of building a an actual Pokemon world and having us all live in it.

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