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    Deadly blasts rock Baghdad as army makes progress in Anbar


    by PressTV

    In the latest string of attacks to hit the Iraqi capital Baghdad, at least 26 people have been killed along with at least 60 people wounded .

    These attacks observers say are carried out by the Al Qaeda linked ISIL, however no one has claimed responsibility. The Iraqi army hand in hand with Sunni tribesmen have taken control over most of the areas of Fallujah and Ramadi in the Anbar province.

    As well capturing several cells along with their leaders throughout the country. The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Malaki claims he will come out victorious in his fight with Al Qaeda and has called on the U.S to send over heavy weaponry to which they have agreed.

    Iraqi officials have told Press TV they also have been given important intelligence information that is essential in capturing and defeating these Al Qaeda cells. Mean while the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Malakin has blamed treacherous andS diabolical Arab states for the chaos in his country.

    However Malaki stopped short of mentioning just which Arab states he was referring to. But Iraqis that we spoke to pointed the finger at Qatar, and Saudi Arabia .Saying these were measure to undermine the government of Prime Minister Malaki.