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    Bank Robber Uses Crutch to Conceal Weapon

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A bank robber in Greece got past security by attaching a firearm to the inside of his crutch.

    A large gun probably isn’t the easiest weapon to hide, especially if you’re walking into a bank.

    Nonetheless, a bank robber in Greece pulled it off twice by attaching the firearm to the inside of his crutch.

    The first time around, despite his successful camouflaging efforts, the hit was a bust.

    He walked up to the teller and demanded the money, but he didn’t get any as the bank’s safe was on a time delay.

    Rather than waiting around for it to open – and the police to show up – he fled.

    No money was gotten for his efforts, but he did manage to enter the bank and approach the teller without anybody becoming suspicious.

    Four days later, the robber once again set out with his shotgun-concealing crutch and tried a different bank.

    This time, the plan worked and he walked out about 16 thousand dollars richer. Unfortunately, his escape wasn’t as clean as it had been the time before.

    When captured and questioned by authorities the man, who was really a full-time baker, said he was just trying to pay off his creditors.

    Given the economic problems in Greece, he’d been having a lot of trouble doing so.