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The gootecks & Mike Ross Show #03: Mike plays Hearthstone

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The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show has arrived! In the 3rd episode, Gootecks shares his obsession with the new PC game that's sweeping the nation: Hearthstone! And it's still only in beta! Gootecks sits down with Mike to guide him through the game's tutorial and spread his enthusiasm for the addictive fantasy card game simulator. If you've been curious about what Hearthstone is and what all the hype is about, this episode will show you the light!

The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show is a weekly livestreamed gaming program hosted by pro Street Fighter players Gootecks and Mike Ross. The duo, known for their popular series of YouTube videos dubbed The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & MIke Ross, bring their unique chemistry and colorful humor to this new program where they discuss everything from Street Fighter and competitive gaming, to much, much more! Always unpredictable, and immensely entertaining.

Tune in every Monday night, 7 PM PST!


I love these two
By German Sanchez Last year
Why's my last comment gone...?
By UrsaMinor Last year
(Just so you know if you haven't already by the time you see this comment) : - To play ranked, there's an icon upper right corner after you clicked the play button in the game that shifts you from normal to ranked games.- You can right-click the image of your caracter during a game to choose between emotes- You can left click a lot of things on the side of the board (like pumpkins, doors...) when you're trigger happy, you''l see what it does x)- I personally think you should always kill a minion if your minion won't die from it because you might not get the chance later because the opponent destroys yours with a spell, and because people rely on monsters to deal most of their damage- It's cool to see you play other games than street fighter, but I can assure you you both have better decision making in SF than in Hearthstone xD I was kind of screaming at my monitor all the time but it's just so you know x)
By Zante Last year