Old, Beat-Up Ferrari Expected to Bring $2M

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As far as Ferraris go, the one up for auction in Scottsdale didn’t have the glamorous life that most likely do.

Most Ferraris live quite a glamorous life.

However, the one up for auction in Scottsdale, Arizona has had a different journey.

In fact, the ’67 330 GTS was left in a garage, untouched for almost 45 years and shows every bit of the neglect and trouble it’s experienced.

In spite of its many flaws, the vintage luxury auto is expected to bring in around 2 million dollars.

This particular car has what few other oldies can offer – all original parts.

Apparently, serious collectors aren’t troubled by the fact that those parts are rusted, burned - the car caught on fire once - and non-working.

In a world filled with people drawn to shiny, expensive things, most often sellers restore pricey autos to showroom quality.

Doing that typically requires that older parts be replaced with newer ones.

Finding an antique car like a Ferrari that’s never been fussed with is a true rarity.

Its current owner bought it long ago and intended to fix it up, but somehow just never did.

Should it fetch its 7-figure estimate, this could truly be one of those rare cases where procrastination pays off - big.