Sunbelt Regret (Mollono.Bass Remix) | Miss Natnat, Wolfgang Lohr & Artenvielfalt

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This compilation is a joyride thru different styles of dancemusic with a deep, technoid and melodic charakter. Pearls of current clubtracks, selected with love from all over the world shows impressively, how elegant dance culture on a high level can be. Every track wants you to move your body, the mix is a flow like riding on a wave.
Artists like David Keno from Get Physical and James Copeland with their tracks are
starting the session. With Sanil Fenice we find a very talented guy. Matthias Freudmann made a great job with his RMX of El Sol. Another very nice Remix on this Compilation is the Budai & Vic RMX from the summer hit Free last year.
At the end the sound speeds up and tracks like Promise