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    Ukraine's president calls for calm but violent clashes in Kyiv continue

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    There was another night of violence in central Kyiv as anti-government protesters continued to battle with police, defying a protest-ban .

    With tensions high, the two sides confronted each other near the capital’s main government buildings. Protesters hurled missiles at police who in turn tried to clear the area.

    The dispute which started in November when Ukraine’s president pulled out of a deal with the EU under pressure from Moscow, has now been exacerbated by new legislation cracking down on peaceful protests.

    On Monday, President Viktor Yanukovych warned that the country’s stability was being threatened by the continuing unrest. However he made no reference to peace talks with the opposition which were supposed to have started that day.

    Meanwhile boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko is insisting the president participates in the promised talks and has urged people outside Kyiv to come into the capital to show their support.

    Euronews correspondent Angelina Kariakina who is in Kyiv described the situation on the ground:

    “The standoff between the police and protesters in Kyiv is not calming down. As the number of injured grows, protesters fear going to hospital suspecting the police will be waiting for them. Journalists are also being injured from stun grenades and rubber bullets. Lots of them believe they are being shot at on purpose, because cameras and press-credentials are easy targets. The question now is whether the promised negotiations between the government and opposition will help stop the escalation of the conflict and bring the results the protesters have for the past two months been striving for.”