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    Accident Aviatic in Romania - Pilotul Adrian Iovan a murit(20.Ian.2014)(2)

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    Eastern Daily News
    Today 20.Ianuarie.2014;
    A plane Smurd 6 passengers (doctors) and pilot Adrian Jovan who were emergency flight from Bucharest to Oradea was forced to land in the Apuseni mountains Ursoaia Step at around 16.
    Afost plane found two rangers after 6 hours of accidntului.
    The victims were able to talk on the phone with Prof.Dr.Irinel Smith and Dr Victor Zota.
    However were found barely after 7 hours of the accident.
    At the time of the accident all passengers plus aircraft pilots supravituit and two of them died after 2 hours due hiportermic shock (cold).
    Although SMURD aircraft are equipped with GPS devices location.
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