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    March to Nowhere


    by antiaborticide

    The Annual Right to Life March observing the tragic Roe v. Wade decision, legalizing aborticide is a farce. It has morphed into a “Celebration of Life.”
    We were certainly made to feel unwelcome as we showed up with graphic pictures of aborticide on our van at the Lee County Right to Life March. Susan Dunlay, organizer of this event, begged us to leave. “Those graphic pictures of abortion will upset those who are participating at this march!” she cried. “We are here to celebrate life!”
    4000/Americans/day, over 60 million killed by abortion and we are celebrating life? Why are we celebrating? Whose life or lives are we celebrating? Dunlay tells me she has 7 children, she is celebrating their lives. But what does her family have to do with those perishing at Planned Parenthoods across Iowa? Why is she and other pro-lifers so anxious suppress the reality of abortion?
    This macabre event might be compared to a Nazi Pro-prisoner Society parading about with smiley faced signs and uppity slogans calling for better living conditions at Auswitch. Suppose someone comes to their parade with a graphic picture of the Nazi holocaust and was forbidden to show it? “It might offend a death camp guard!” he is told.
    As a mild rebuke to Right to Life, we put smiley pictures over the tortured faces of aborted children pictured on our van. This is exactly what Right to Life does. Instead of screaming “Bloody Murder!” Right to Life puts a smiley face on the true victims, the only victims, of aborticide the unborn child.