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    Shocking footage of dolphin in Taiji Cove : Watermen, what can we do to stop that ?

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    Shocking footage of dolphin slaughter in Taiji Cove : as annual hunt begins !!!
    Watermen, watergirls, what can we do to stop that ???

    Japanese fisherman have been filmed trapping hundreds of dolphins on Monday, in a controversial hunt that happens every year in Taiji Cove. According to activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who have been shadowing the fishermen, boats began herding the dolphins into pens on Friday. Most of them are expected to be killed for meat, with the remainder set to be captured to sell to aquariums. On Monday, fishermen in wetsuits wrestled with dolphins to select those to be killed or sold. The killing will begin after dolphins destined for captivity have been selected, probably on Tuesday. Fishermen say the cull is a traditional part of their livelihood in an area that has fished dolphins and whales for thousands of years. Japan has long maintained that killing dolphins is not banned under any international treaty and that the animals are not endangered. Report by Mark Morris.

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