IN THE WORLD PAPERS - 'The unbearable lightness of François Hollande'

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INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, 20/01/14. The Chinese economy is cooling off. Economic growth is at a 14-year low of 7.7%. We look at reaction in the business pages of China Daily and the South China Morning Post. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been on a charm offensive with certain UK and US journalists, saying he'd be happy to meet Elton John to discuss gay rights. And the Unbearable Lightness of Being... François Hollande.
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Some articles from today’s French press review:
China Daily: “21st Century China – promise, potential, performance”
South China Morning Post: “Liquidity crunch could devastate SMEs”
The Independent: “Putin’s charm offensive is ‘lies’”
Sydney Morning Herald: “Homophobic? Not me, says Putin … I like Elton John”
International New York Times: “The unbearable lightness of Hollande”

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