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    Printer Box by Mr. Bless - Card Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Show to spectator that is a regular deck.
    The deck is shuffled. Now the spectator can choose any card of the deck. Free selection!
    The selected card is signed and lost in the deck. Now the magician misses for two times the signed card. For the spectator's surprise a blank card came out from the deck.
    No problem, with Printer Box you can print any card you need!!
    Put the deck inside the box and the transformation is done!!!
    Pull out the card from the deck showing that the blank card has turned into the signed card!!!

    Super easy to do
    No forcing
    Great opener
    End up clean
    Spectator could even check by himself the box
    Set up in one second
    Instant reset
    Customize your Printer Box in one minute
    Visual magic
    No flaps
    No magnets
    Close-up and street magic