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    Islamic scholars start Iran unity confab


    by PressTV

    Hundreds of Muslim scholars, researchers and clerics from more than 50 countries have gathered in the Iranian Capital Tehran for a three-day conference on Islamic Unity. The event aims to unify Muslims using the holy book of Islam as a guide. 

    It's unity week in Iran, a week that was named in the early years following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. This week all Muslims Sunni and Shia celebrate the birth of the prophet of Islam. Every year on this week Iran holds a conference gathering religious leaders, scholars and clerics in the capital city Tehran focusing on Islamic Unity.

    The 27th Islamic Unity Conference has started work in the Iranian capital Tehran, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani delivered the opening speech, talking about a world without extremism.

    President Rouhani referred to Iran’s anti-extremism resolution, called a World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE). The resolution was adopted unanimously last month by the U-N General Assembly. He said the resolution was Iran’s first step to foil the Western campaign against Islam.

    The theme of this year's event was the holy book of Islam, the Quran, a book that all Muslims agree upon and the scholars at this event said in the book all that follow Islam are Muslims regardless of being a Sunni or Shia.

    "Quran give us the name Muslim, in Quran our Sunnah has never mentioned that you are Shia or Sunni, we are all Muslims and we all follow Quran and [the] Sunnah. And there is so much in common like there is no difference of opinion upon the Quran," Asif Luqman Qazi, Executive Director of Islamabad’s Center for Discussions and Solutions said.

    Another scholar said that disagreement between Muslims is only natural and the Quran should be used as a guide. The head of London’s Islamic Foundation, Ali Al-Hakim said, "Only by following the Qur'anic teaching the moral codes of disagreement, if we were to disagree which is sometimes a natural phenomenon of a living and creative Muslim society."

    This conference will last for three days with several meets discussing ongoing events in the world, violence and extremism and will wrap up with a final conclusion statement on Sunday.