Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014


by WatchMojo

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By born_again 2 years ago
i agree with your first two comments, but not your third Adam
By Alex Crosby 2 years ago
I'm really not sure that revisiting Godzilla is a good idea. Surely the first attempt is lesson enough that some things should not be touched with a barge pole. I know there are plenty of examples in history of that rule being ignored though.
By Adam BoothSanta-cruz 2 years ago
the frickin Dinobots! Some of the only transformer Toys I ever possessed!! and that would be pretty cool seeing the actual Grimlock Slag Sludge Swoop and Snarl in their Dinosaur configurations
By Adam BoothSanta-cruz 2 years ago
Wicked!!!! They're gonna feature the frickkin' Dino
By Adam BoothSanta-cruz 2 years ago