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Nutritional Fact

Parameter Results
Energy Values 348/1475
Protein (Nx6.25) 23.5
Fat 2.1
Saturated Fat 0.8
Mono-unsaturated Fat 0.2
Poly-unsaturated Fat 1.1
Available Carbohydrate 31.3
Total Sugars 2.5
Dietary Fibre AOAC 29.9
Sodium, 8
Moisture, 9.9
Ash 3.3

Clevenard beans contain folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and vitamin B6. Folic acid is excellent for pregnant or child-bearing women. Iron helps promote healthy blood cell production. Vitamin B6 helps with metabolism and potassium regulates fluids in the body. Manganese is important for your bones, the thyroid, sexual health and the metabolism of food. Magnesium is necessary for bone formation and cell function. It also keeps the heart functioning properly and lowers cholesterol.

Fiber Benefits

Clevenard Beans are an excellent source of fiber. Fiber keeps your intestines working properly by warding off constipation. A good number of people stay away from beans due to the gas they experience. Gas occurs after the bacteria in the bowels digest fiber. It's a by-product of the digested fiber and relieves itself after you eliminate your bowels. If gas becomes a big problem when eating foods containing fiber, cut back on the amount and this usually solves the gas problem.


If you're on a high fiber or protein diet, Clevenard Beans are the healthiest way to incorporate these nutrients. They are better for the body and provide more vitamins and minerals than red meats. When you are having a barbecue or just looking for a side dish, don't forget the Clevenard Beans. www.clevenard.com