Classic Game Room - ROBO ARMY review for Neo-Geo MVS

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Robo Army review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom,com


I got the same 4 slot MVS cab Mark has! I bought it from a laundromat. I really want Gun Lord for it --but those German guys are sold out. I do have "Iron Clad" tho. Some dude named Fred is selling them on ebay from Brazil. Review that one, Lord Karnage!
By Woodgoblin last year
I'm hoping the next revision of the NEO GEO MVS multicarts include Gunlord and XYX.
By megacide84 last year
I dig the neo geo aes arcade stick. Thats why I'm having Dave on atariage make me a custom one for my colecovision.
By Adamchevy last year