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    The Just Right Sock: Ski Christie Light by Point6 [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    If you want your feet to be warm and comfortable when you're skiing thigh high powder, you should look at the extensive line of ski and snowboard socks by Point6. In fact, if you want your feet to be warm or cool and comfortable when you're cycling, hiking, walking, skiing, motorcycling, or cruising the town then Point6 is the sock company for you. They do everything. Even compression socks for those who work to be the best at exercise.

    The Ski Christie Light is the perfect sock for the average temperature day. I've worn them when it's five degrees and thirty degrees and both temperatures I have been impressed with the technology. The 67% wool material ensures a heightened level of warmth. Hopefully none of our readers are wearing cotton socks when they ski but if they are, please check out the Point6 website.

    The comfort is definitely worth mentioning because Point6 has placed all the right padding in all the right places. The shin padding is what I love because my touring boots are unreasonably uncomfortable in the shin area of the liner.

    Overall, these socks are comfortable and warm and what more could you possibly need in a ski sock? Oh, they look good too. I love the snow flakes.


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