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    Sister Kate v/ Eva Taylor

    Arne Sort Hojberg

    by Arne Sort Hojberg

    Peruna Jazzmen
    1. Co. Mikael Zuschlag, 2.Co. Peter Aller, Cl. Claus Forchhammer, Trb. Arne Hojberg Pno. Annette Strauss, Bjo.Peter Fauerschou, Tu. Leo Hechmann, Wasb. Lasse Borup,
    Rec Maj 1975
    Eva Taylor, born Irene Gibbons, she was a grand lady with a sweet voice, (The Dixie Nightingale). She was married to Clarence Williams and made a lot of records with His Band in the 1920´ s She retired in the 40´s but travelled in Denmark and Sweden 1974 1975 1976. Recorded with Maggie´s Blue Five and Peruna Jazzmen. She also gave a lot of Concerts with them. She died in 1977