Intricate Maze Drawn by Janitor Stuns Many

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A maze made by a janitor over the course of 7 years has begun to make its way around the Internet.

It seems some people are full of surprises.

A maze drawn by a janitor over the course of 7 years is making its way around the Internet.

It was originally tweeted by his daughter and has since captured the attention of many for a number of reasons.

One is the intricacy of the maze, with its seemingly countless winding paths and fine hand drawn lines.

Many have commented that it’s among the most detailed they’ve ever seen, including those generated by a computer.

Another is how dedicated to its creation the man was.

The 32 by 23 inch puzzle started off about 30 years ago as just a few marks on paper. For the next 7 years he expanded on the drawing until deciding it was done.

Whether or not its able to be solved remains unknown. The creator himself admits he’s never made it all the way through.

What do you think of the maze?