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    Blue is my heaven-Carlings

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Blue is my Heaven Carlings 1991 Carling Family in 1991
    A tune written by Gerd Carling for her sister Gunhild
    Gunhild has a love for two of the best players in Jazz. Louis Armstrong and Holiday.
    She approaches this tune in the typical Billy manner and she performs the best imitation I ever heard,
    Brother Hans handles the tenor sax beautifully and even holds the horn the Lester Young way.
    Next to trombone and piano sister Gerd now plays the alto sax as well.
    After Gunhild's vocal and sax solo she comes in on the trumpet with a Armstrong/Eldridge edge in her approach.
    Again her timing is so fantastic again. She has all the potential to be world class!

    note. When posted this tune for the first time half a year ago still on youtube I was sure that this was copied from an early Billy Holiday recording. I more or less have all these on CD. I have been frantically looking but couldn't find it. Hans Carling told me a few weeks ago that is was written by Gunhild's sis Gerd. So, that's how close they get to the original feel.