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    Phoenix Firefighters Resuscitate Dog Pulled From House Fire

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    A video was recently captured showing a fire crew in Phoenix attending to and resuscitating a dog, that had been pulled from a house fire.

    Firefighters brave through almost anything to save not only human lives, but also those of pets. A heartwarming scene was recently captured on film showing a fire crew in Phoenix resuscitating a dog they had rescued from a house fire.

    It started when firefighters rushed to the scene after calls came in regarding a burning home. Upon arrival, they found nobody inside the apartment – at least not humans, but there was a dog lying in a back bedroom, barely responsive due to the thick smoke inside.

    The crew worked together to lift and carry the pet outside. From that point, the rescue efforts were in full swing.

    They used what’s referred to as a “"Fido Bag" to get the dog breathing normally again. All the efforts paid off. The canine, although exhausted, was soon able to take in large gulps of air.

    Neighbors alerted the pooch’s owner of what was going on and when she got the home, saw her dog being resuscitated by the determined firefighters.

    According to reports, the animal will make a complete recovery.